Top off-page SEO ranking factor 2020
off-page seo

Top off-page SEO ranking factor 2020

Top off-page SEO Ranking factors to improve your location on the search engine result page.


A backlink also asked an “inbound link” or “incoming link,” is generated when one website connects to different. Backlinks are very important in SEO because they serve a “vote of trust” from one website for another. Website A that links to website B are saying that this is a trusted reference and it has important information. If multiple websites link to the same website, search engines can assume that the content is worth linking to.

 Link building

Link building is a methodology that appears in making external websites to look to your website. They may be links from a blog, associates, or any related source. Inbound links improve search engines to get the reputation of a website and are hence an essential factor.

There are also wrong or good backlinks. A backlink from a reliable source is also important then a link from a source that Google believes is not reliable.

Some link building techniques can be:

  • Get your clients to link to you
  • Build a business blog and present it a helpful, informational, and inspiring resource
  • Produce content that encourages viral distribution and pure/natural linking
  • Be newsworthy

 Satellite website

The goal of a satellite website is to provide links following to your main website. It is a dull process that takes time but can be extremely powerful if done perfectly. A satellite website is done to make backlinks to your main website that targets a particular keyword that is done by your main website. Your satellite should be ready to survive on its own. Make the content readable and engaging, not just a knowledge website about your product.


By having relevant blogs you can create assured that the customer has access to the newest news and that they are right. By using it as a satellite website you can connect back to your own website and gain link power.

You can also post blogs on a third party website. This is described as guest blogging. What you require to do is to get someone who is ready to get one of your posts and add them to their website. In your post, you attach links following to your owned website.


If you have an old website that has been broken through the years, possibilities are that you have a number of links that can be recycled. By using Google Search Console, Ahrefs or Majestic you can see a list of links that should be lost. If you see any links that return 404 you can do redirect to your current page and retrieve the link power they give.

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